PREMIERE: LamBros. grace us with their intimate new single ‘Gold’

As the warmer weather starts to settle in with summer just around the corner, we would like to introduce you to a song that’s sure to make a welcoming inclusion to any blissful summer playlist you may have ready to go for those warm Sunday mornings. Lambros.’s Gold is the embodiment of the feeling of sitting out in the backyard soaking in all that the early sun can offer - and it’s arrival came just in time for you to fall in love with it as we have, and you can hear it for the first time anywhere right below.

Just like the name of the song we’re premiering for you today, there is an innate golden touch in the new single from the Northern Beaches brothers that feels akin to a summer’s morning, basking in the warmth of the sun as you enjoy your homemade big breakfast. Gold is a stripped back and intimate performance from the duo that captures the life they bring to their music. The breathtaking vocals lift this song into flight while the touch of guitars, percussion, and harmonies let this song really begin to soar.

Asked about the new single, they said “Gold is reminiscent. It deals with the fallout of change, and narrates internal emotions, as warm and pivotal memories become painful after comparing them to the present, and realising how people and circumstances have changed.

The song is a showcase of their talent as both songwriters and live performers, demonstrating just how they can captivate an audience through their sound. In fact it’s more than just an audience - after reaching out to Tones and I, she immediately fell in love with their music (as have we) and asked them to jump up on support for her performance in Newcastle on November 24 as part of Great Southern Nights.

So keep an eye out for these two, and an ear out for their music in the future, because they’ve already cooked up something special this year and I reckon there’s more in the oven ready to go next year!

Gold is out everywhere October 29

You can find Lambros. on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Unearthed