Premiere: Luke Seymoup and Vetty Vials team up on split EP VETMOUP

If there’s something we can all agree on, it’s that combining two great things together can more often than not create something amazing - like coffee and chocolate. They’re excellent on their own, and incredible when you put them together. And that’s the reaction I had upon listening to VETMOUP, the upcoming split release from Luke Seymoup and Vetty Vials, for the first time - that we have something special coming together here.

Made in isolation from opposite ends of the Hume, the split EP started as a project from Sydney-sider Vetty Vials to stay positive and productive during the first round of lockdowns in March, writing and recording two brand new songs Beacon and Underground in this time. Unsure what to do with them though, Vetty took the songs to Luke Seymoup and Whisk & Key Records, where the idea for a split EP with two of Luke’s own tracks - Seeya Never and Judas - was conceived. And together they went ahead to create the four-track split release VETMOUP.

The two singer-songwriters have been great mates for handful of years now, and this is by far not the first time we’ve seen the two work together, sharing countless stages over the years, including last year’s Not Fest in Melbourne, and the co-headline ‘World’s Cutest Tag Team’ tour they embarked on together in 2018. The collaborations between this friendship won’t end now or anytime soon, as the two have now paired up for an emotionally-driven and action-packed EP, which we are excited to share with you all now!

We start with the electric-driven Seeya Never from Luke Seymoup, an anthemic introduction to the release with a strong, full band energy from start to finish. The track comes from a moment when Luke and his fiance were watching an X-Files episode where a character mentions that they want to be abducted due to hating the town, and Luke’s fiance commented “That’s the most pop punk thing I’ve ever heard”. And look, they’re not wrong! So naturally, Luke immediately set out to write a pop punk song around this idea and Seeya Never is the incredible result.

We’re then brought to a re-worked version of Judas, which was initially a stripped-back song performed on the ukulele as part of Luke’s 2018 record Uke Seymoup, but has now been given the full-band treatment. The track, a staple in Luke’s solo sets, opens with an electric guitar replacing the old uke, laying down the pattern-picking foundations of the song before slowly bringing in the rest of the band for the grand second-half filled with glorious moments and choruses to sing your heart out to. Have a listen below!

Following on from her debut record Conversations With Myself released earlier this year, Vetty Vials welcomes us with the first of her two solo tracks, Beacon. The heartfelt track was written back in November last year, directly after the national DIY holiday of Not Fest, where Vetty sings about giving it your all, and preferring to feel everything rather than nothing at all. It’s an incredibly heartfelt track that I feel we can all relate to after these hectic but beautiful weekends spent with mates across the country. They’re the best moments of the year, and for that I think you’ll love Beacon which you can listen to below.

And to close off, we have Underground, a track Vetty wrote in isolation about how your subconscious and mind can take you back to old, fleeting moments from your past. The reflective and honest track is stunning to listen to and heartbreaking at the same time, with the layered vocals, harmonies, and percussion really elevating this one emotionally to something excellent. It’s yet another example of Vetty’s perfect songwriting and vocal performance that we can’t get enough of, and you’ll know what we mean by listening to Underground below.

Upon asking Vetty Vials of her two songs, she shared "For me this project was something completely different, and I think the songs stand alone from anything else I've done, I don't think this sound is indicative of where we are heading as a band, but the product of creating something during the weirdest time in a lot of peoples lives, it was therapeutic for me and I hope it brings some joy during this incredibly bizarre year".

We asked Luke Seymoup the same question. His response was "I hope to inspire a renewed interest in interstellar exploration. We've missed the boat on both 2001: A Space Odyssey and 2010: Odyssey Two but we can still make it in time for 2061: Odyssey Three (it's been a long time since I read that one so I'll need someone to remind me if it's any good)".

The two also shared that they are working on some new material for their individual projects, and are both excited to share this in the near future - and we can't wait either to hear what else they've been cooking up!

VETMOUP is out Friday 21st August through Whisk & Key Records

You can find Luke Seymoup on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Bandcamp / Unearthed

You can find Vetty Vials on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Bandcamp / Unearthed