PREMIERE: Sophie Edwards shares vulnerable new single ‘Seconds’

With November finally here and the end of year celebrations are arriving, we begin to unwind and look back at the year in music. The nominations, the votes, the awards, the countdowns - they’re all in our minds. But don’t rush ahead with getting your shortlist together, because on days like today, we’re reminded that there’s so much more good music to come before the year is truly over.

And by that I mean you haven’t listened to the new single from Sophie Edwards yet. Well, until now, because we’re excited to be premiering Seconds for you today ahead of the song’s official release this Thursday.

In her new song, The Canberra-local demonstrates the captivating charm she brings to the table with both her warm voice and songwriting taking center stage throughout the three-and-a-half minute track. This is something Sophie has done time and time again and it’s what this city has come to love her for. Within just the first half-minute of the song you can hear this loud and clear:

I just got my ears pierced by my best friend so I could feel something

I could close the holes up, I could keep the cold out and feel nothing

But I know I’ll feel again soon, I’m pretty sure I'll feel again soon

You can feel the honest emotion coming from these opening lines, and you feel it more through the chorus hearing the singer-songwriter cathartically release the words “I know I know I know I know I’m falling to pieces” like it’s coming from a place of emotional exhaustion. The delivery of these words is what drives the themes of the song home - themes of self doubt, purpose, and feeling lost.

The song is trying to connect people who feel like their lack of feelings aren't valid. I want to encourage everyone to relax and realise their importance in the world despite not necessarily feeling important or useful” Sophie said of Seconds.

After listening to this song a few times already, it’s now playing rent free in my head over and over. But the best part is, it's particularly the line “I know I’ll feel again soon” which is such an honest and relatable line I feel a lot of us can hold close and remember when we are feeling lost, or living without a sense of purpose. These are big moments in the song, and overall this song is capping off a big year for Sophie, with recent announcements as winner of both the Women in Music Mentor Program for the Australian Independent Record Labels Association and another with Ricochet MATES, led by KLP.

Seconds is out officially this Thursday 5th November, so make sure you pre-save it now and check it out then!

You can find Sophie Edwards on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Unearthed