Ruby Gill makes a captivating return with her new single ‘Borderlines’

It’s been a minute since we last heard new music from Ruby Gill, with the Melbourne/Naarm singer-songwriter releasing her debut single ‘Your Mum’ two years ago now. We all remember how we felt when Ruby shared that one and we’ve been waiting patiently ever since for more. Well this week we did get more, with Ruby sharing her sophomore single release ‘Borderlines’.

The song is as honest and captivating as we expected it to be, with Ruby performing her heartfelt words over a delicate Wurlitzer piano and percussion pattern that lay the intimate foundations of the song. Throughout ‘Borderlines’ we hear Ruby’s frustration with the government’s immigration policies that keep her in a limbo state between Australia and South Africa. She sings of missing her family and her home and how she wishes she could just jump on a plane back right now.

Just have a look at the chorus and the message is heartbreakingly clear:

It's a borderline offence to keep me locked in

And I'm tired of all your bureaucratic nonsense

I’m a buy a ticket out here in the morning

What's the worst could can happen maybe you'll deport me

Well I guess you're making this decision easy

I just want to go home

The play on words is perfect for the song - the ‘borderline offence’ of keeping Ruby away from home and the shitty ‘bureaucratic nonsense’ behind it. And no doubt the past six to nine months hasn’t made any of this easier, particularly living in Melbourne. And maybe that’s what drives this song home for all of us - knowing that recent time away from family has been hard, but for some it goes further than state borders and temporary measures.

Sharing the song on Facebook yesterday, Ruby said “Borderlines is about my experience of not being allowed to freely move around - especially when bad things happen - and it is for anyone who’s tried to change countries, or who’s been separated from their people and their forests and their grief by pieces of paper.

‘Borderlines’ will make any listener’s heart go out to Ruby, but also make anyone love her songwriting even more. She’s giving us all the right reasons to become one of our favourite songwriters, so I’m excited to see what else is in the bank for us to hear in the future.

A portion of sales from ‘Borderlines’ will go directly towards the legends at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, so go and buy the song if you can.

You can find Ruby Gill on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Unearthed