Canberra’s Saulé shares cathartic and heartbreaking debut single ‘Let Me Know’

After emerging on Unearthed earlier this month with her debut single, we were last week treated to the official release of ‘Let Me Know’ from Canberra-resident Saulé.

The single is a delicate debut from the Sydney-via-Singapore-via-London singer-songwriter. ‘Let Me Know’ opens with the light sound of waves crashing on the shore that lie underneath the golden touch of a single-strum guitar line and lo-fi-esque harmonies. Setting the pace of this bedroom-pop song, Saulé then meets our expectations with her voice graciously flowing through as if in the same vein as St. South, Hachiku, or even Alpine with the layered vocals that build towards the end of the song.

Saulé has an undeniably unique voice that doesn’t hide the melancholy and heartbreak in her words. “It’s a rather personal song, I think most people will feel at first it’s a break up track. And I’m okay with that” Saulé said of the song, before going on to explain that ‘Let Me Know’ deals with the breakdowns and turbulences of a parent-child relationship, and coming to terms that you won’t always be supported along your own journey.

Saulé also shared that the song is a bittersweet one, as it is also about the hope that the broken-down relationship may be repaired.

You can hear the heartbreaking struggle throughout every fibre of the song, from the words, to the performance, and to the song’s structure that sonically pushes and pulls through the different parts. Just listen to how the mood of the song changed when Saulé moves from the verse to the bridge. The cycle of emotions is enough to completely draw you in and make you fail to realise that this song goes for just shy of five minutes.

‘Let Me Know’ is a stunning, fresh sound that brings excitement for what’s to come next from the Canberra local. And as we move to a bright new year that will feel like a fresh restart, we hope to see and hear a lot more from Saulé in 2021.

You can find Saulé on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Bandcamp / Unearthed