• Travis Salviejo

Scoob McGoon recorded and released their new EP on the same day - and it's really good

A short while ago one of my favourite Canberra acts Scoob McGoon’s EP Scoob hit Spotify much to my delight and that delight was intensified when they dropped another EP with four more spectacular songs for me to enjoy! Songs In C is a beautiful look at everyday moments that bring joy, going to Smith's Alternative, listening to birds, loving and being loved. But it also represents times feeling uncomfortable, out of place and longing for love lost.

Listening to this EP almost gives me the feeling of watching Scoob and Milo in a very intimate space, making beautiful and real music – which I think is close to how the songs were recorded. From my perspective I saw that they were in the ‘studio’ (Milo’s home set up) and then later that very day the songs were public on Bandcamp and I love the instantness of that and that there isn’t an overcomplicating of the tracks which can happen with extended recording and release schedules. Milo once again did the production duties on this release and serves the songs very well.

to bear and grin is my favourite track here, a beautiful blend of heartbreaking and heart felt lyrics, a statement of the artist’s strength and personal aspirations for who they want to be, and reflections on a break up that ring true in my heart and mind. The guitar part provides a beautiful almost counter melody, letting the vocal part breathe but adding emotional resonance and colour, wandering through the song, at times playing in strict time with some phrases but also adding more rhythmic interest in other sections. The way the song slows at the end is so beautiful and impactful to me, shifting from an outward reflection to an inward one in a really lovely way making me lean in to get all of what the artist is saying.

I'll be strong just like a woman, I'll be gentle like a man

I'll be tender like I always am

But mostly, I'll be mine

Songs in C is a great starting point for new listeners of Scoob and a welcome, on brand release for fans of their earlier work and the one slight I have with the release is that it is too short. But I hope that we have more new music coming soon and I am keen to see this presented live, there are writing credits to some of Scoob’s collaborators and I know there have been some performances with a band before the COVID era so I look forward to seeing these collaborations continue and to see a full band set.

Songs in C is available on Bandcamp now and will be coming to streaming platforms on October 12th 2020

You can find Scoob McGoon on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Bandcamp / Unearthed