Teenage Joans have done it again with 'Something About Being Sixteen'

Photo: Samuel Graves

Having spent the past 12 months picking up a lot of steam and making a household name for themselves, Teenage Joans have shared with us their third single 'Something About Being Sixteen'.

Starting with picking up the Best Live Act (no doubt) in South Australia at the National Live Music Awards, the Adelaide duo went on release their sophomore single 'Three Leaf Clover', followed by a sweet win in September taking home the Unearthed High trophy. Over this time they've been growing a keen following eager for what the two will do next entering into 2021.

And before we stop to realise that the new year is already here, the band drop their anthemic new song that, to the surprise of no one, rules.

'Something About Being Sixteen' is a song that demands your attention, driven by fired up drums, room-shaking guitars, and vocals layered just in the right spots to bring this track to the top of your playlists. The chorus, backed by those fierce drums and guitars tones, is one to shout to yourself at the start of each day - "This is overdue, I'm getting over you". It makes you want to grab a skateboard, smash those old trinkets from that last relationship, or as seen in the music video for this song, destroy a piñata and start a food fight.

That hook I imagine goes off at their live shows - which based on the many many good things I've heard about Teenage Joans' shows, is absolutely what happens. More often than not whenever someone brings up Teenage Joans, it's followed by someone saying "oh you got to see them live". I'm bummed out I haven't seen them live yet, but all this hype will surely make for a spectacular set when I do.

Speaking of which, they're about head out to Brissy and Melbourne with their mates and fellow piñata-smashing-food-fighting-songwriters Towns (who I saw live in 2019 and, damn, they put on a good show!). I don't know if current restrictions change these shows, but eitherway, go see them live when you can. I know I will be there next time they stop by the ACT.

Until then, Cahli and Tahlia are up to some really good things, and like what many others have already said, I think Teenage Joans should be on your 'Ones To Watch' list of this year, because they're already off to a really, really good start.

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