The latest from Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks is a case of wonderful, reflective songwriting

Image by Annie Harvey. Source: Facebook

Admittedly, I was a bit late to the game with Jack Davies, having only discovered his music around this time last year when former-fellow Perth resident Yasmine Hosseini (now a proud Canberran) played an outdoor house show on a beautiful sunny afternoon, during which she played a cover of Vegemite Sandwich. That evening I immediately went to find the original, and I’ve adored Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks ever since.

On Friday we were blessed with a brand new one from the singer-songwriter and his band. Perhaps I’ll Drift Away is a warm and reflective single with all the bells and whistles (almost literally) you could want in a folk song - acoustic guitars, accenting electrics, violins, and harmonica solos filling the space of the open soundscape.

It’s an exciting new song from the Fremantle local, who’s released a string of heartwarming and charismatic songs across the past couple of years, including the EP Cleaning the Dishes last year, Vegemite Sandwich the year before, and Half Frozen Beer just earlier this year. And it’s been through Jack Davies’ impressive repertoire that he’s cemented himself as one of the finest young Australian songwriters around, writing tales about local living, missing your family, eating chips, and how our prime minister is shit.

But on Perhaps I’ll Drift Away we get a more personal and honest reflection from the folk performer, writing about the “feeling of frustration, being fed up with myself and the way my brain keeps trying sabotage things. The way it always runs away at the wrong time” (as he says on his Bandcamp page). Throughout the song, Jack sings about falling behind and not being where he wants to be, all the while the multi-layered instruments add beautifully to the sense life’s chaos and whirlwind. He finishes each verse with the same, or at least similar line “Sometimes I drift away”, which is where the band pull back and allows the song to breathe and rest for a moment, life the song is providing the pause and escape Jack desires.

I don’t know if this is what Jack Davies is trying to achieve here, but it feels like it to me, and it’s just adding another reason why Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks are ones you should be keeping an eye on - now and in the future to come.

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