To the surprise of no one, EGOISM’s new single is excellent

Photo by Cole Bennetts

At the end of each year, we usually collect our top ten songs and throw them into a playlist, or vote for them in the Hottest 100, or just generally share the list on our socials. It’s something I love to get around each year to celebrate the songs that cemented themselves into my mind over the previous 12 months. Songs that I associate with particular memories, or particular events (I can’t think of Hope D’s Swim without thinking of BIGSOUND now), or even particular people and relationships.

Usually though, I like to restrict myself to only having one song per artist. Otherwise my top ten might end up as just a mix of The 1975 and Phoebe Bridgers, let’s be honest. But often what happens is an artist will release more than one excellent song and that makes the top ten decision so much harder - and this happened again more recently.

Earlier this year, EGOISM dropped their single You You and straight away I thought this was a song for my top ten (even though it was February, I was calling it early). I still hold that that song should be in my top ten, but now the Sydney duo have a brand new song Here’s The Thing, which, within a single listen, also became a personal a top ten contender.

Like a moth to a flame, I instantly could not get enough of the dream-pop duo's second for the year. Scout breathes life into the song by opening it up with refreshing harmonies over single-strum chords. Olive then comes in and takes the main vocal role, leading us through the cracks and signs of a relationship falling apart. The opening verse closes with the line:

“You could never follow through

All those things I keep reminding you to say

I can’t help but turn away, I'm fucking blind”

And that’s the moment this song kicks into a new gear with the piano coming in and the percussion stepping up to an almost two-step garage-esque sound that makes the foundations of the song sound more like a tram traveling along its tracks, all the while you’re sitting there with your headphones on feeling like you know exactly how Olive feels in their lyrics. “Should you love somebody new”, as the duo sing together, feels so honest and reflective that you can’t help but ask yourself that exact same heartbreaking question.

At the same time this song is so groovy, and you just want to dance around in your bedroom to it like you’re expressing the relief of breaking away from that relationship. Like you could cry to this song if you wanted, or you could move about to it - either way it’s like Olive and Scout are giving you a big hug and they’re looking after you.

And I think that’s how I’d summarise how EGOISM’s music feels - like they’re there for you. And it’s for that reason why Here’s The Thing really stuck with me and made its way into my list of favourite songs of the year.

To add a cherry on top, this song was self-recorded and produced, and it also comes with the news of an EP the dream-pop duo are releasing in early November titled On Our Minds. I can’t wait for that to come out, and I also can’t wait to see them play again. I saw them up at Bigsound last year, but regrettably missed them when they came to Canberra not long after. I forget why I missed that show, but I had mad fomo though. Anyway, this song and this band are fucking great, and you should get around them.

You can find EGOISM on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Bandcamp / Unearthed