What in carnation!? Raccoon City are back!

Photo by Emerald

Last week, the DIY scene collectively said "oh, hell yeah" in unison as Raccoon City dropped their first single in years. Their last album 'Nightlife' came out in 2014, and that was a bit before my time listening to this sort of music. I would eventually stumble across it in my travels maybe a couple of years ago, thinking that this would be the first and last I hear of this band since they hadn't really released anything since.

Well, in a warm and welcome start to the year, the Adelaide band have shared with us a taste of what's to come in 2021 with 'Carnation'.

This song explodes into action immediately, going from zero to emo in naught point one seconds. It's a half minute burst of cathartic screamo, shattering through your speakers in the best possible way to return to our ears. It's a moment that gets into your blood and makes your hair stand on their ends.

They tone it back a bit after this, giving you a moment to catch your breath whether you're listening to this at home or at one of their (probably) high energy live shows. Slowly over the next few minutes the band grow the song in its intensity, and dial it back for a solemn ending.

It's reminiscent of the emo or melodic hardcore I first experienced through the song 'You' by Fresh Nelson - both songs dripping in feelings as they wear their hearts on their sleeves. I think about that song a lot actually, followed by some meme I saw about Dear Seattle being an emo/melodic hardcore band back before Meadows (never forget).

Moving on, 'Carnation' is a shinning return from 'Raccoon City', who shared on their Bandcamp that they have a new album in works for this year, which I know everyone is greatly anticipating. Until then, soak up every bit of their new song - as have I.

You can find Raccoon City on Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Bandcamp / Unearthed